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DAoC Monitor is a Win32 TrayIcon program that warns you of Dark Age Of Camelot servers status.

It checks for servers Up/Down AND for Keeps claims. Also warns you when Darkness Fall is claimed by another realm.

2004-11-2: Download last version 0.2.0 at SourceForge    this version works with new Camelot XML


Status window Notification

Question: The Camelot servers aren't down so many times, or so long, that I need a monitor. Why I need this program?
Answer: Because with this program you can know the realm status in your server, and get noticed when you are doing other things (like play in other server, or read mail, or what you do...).
Also, when the servers ARE down, you want to know when they are back :)
Question: Ok, then I can go to the Camelot Herald to see it.
Answer: The camelot herald page is great, with a map, statistics... but is not up to date. I don't know what upgrade interval they have, but at least is 1/2 hour.
Also, you will have to press F5 many times :) And if you play in 2 servers....
Question: But Camelot Herald is faster than this application
Answer: Yes, It is. But only because it don't uses up to date data.
Actually, It would be great that Camelot Herald give a lite version of the servers info... the application would improve in speed.

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